Pierre Finon: a story, a man, a passion

"Poetry contains philosophy as the soul contains reason." Victor Hugo

Family property, the Pierre FINON estate is located on the hillsides overlooking the right bank of the Rhône valley between Valence and Lyon.

The estate currently covers 15 hectares.

The Vineyard is made up of 7 hectares of red and white Saint-Joseph, 6.5 hectares of Vins de Pays and 0.5 hectares of Condrieu.

The domain is managed in reasoned agriculture, Pierre, Françoise and Héloïse advocate a development of the vineyard preserving the environment. This translates into respect for the soil and the vegetative cycle, controlled natural grassing, tillage, severe disbudding and green harvests.

This spirit is the guarantor of the quality of our wines.

The grapes are manually harvested and sorted.

During vinification and aging, our permanent research remains the maximum expression of the qualitative potential of the grape and its terroir, in order to let each grape variety express itself freely.

Red or white, wine of thirst or wine for aging, our desire is always the same: to offer you authentic wines, faithful to their terroir and to our philosophy.

"The best wine is not necessarily the most expensive, but the one we share."
Georges brassens